Are You Ready to Buy Your Child’s First Trumpet?

Learning a new instrument can be an exciting challenge to take on, particularly for children who have never played before. For parents, this can cause you worry as to the potential investments you'll need to make and also the level of your child's dedication to learning the instrument. For this reason, here is advice on renting v. buying a Bach trumpet and also on how to determine the quality of your instrument.

What's the best option: renting or buying a trumpet?

This entirely depends on how long you will need the trumpet; essentially what will its purpose be? If your child is starting classes to learn how to play, your best option may be to rent the instrument. You won't know how committed they are to practising and how long they will be interested in playing. Most rentals are student level instruments, which if the child continues to master, they will eventually move onto an intermediate trumpet. This would need to be purchased at that student level.

If your child has committed themselves to the instrument and will be competing or potentially pursuing a professional career as a musician, then you should make the investment and pay for the instrument. Paying monthly for an instrument that you know they will be using for quite some time will be more expensive in the long run. It's possible depending upon their seriousness and dedication that a child will need a professional trumpet immediately after a few months learning on the student level.

How do you know you've bought a quality trumpet?

There are a few things you should be focused on when shopping for a trumpet: intonation, handling, and overall sound. Typically, this is for intermediate and professionals levels as student trumpets are designed to help beginners learn the basics of playing the trumpet. A new intermediate or professional trumpet should not produce sharp and flat notes. Usually it should already be in tune. Also, it shouldn't be difficult for you to project sound with your instrument. Also, the trumpet should fit well in the student's hand, making it easy for them to play the notes.

One resource you should heavily rely on in these situations is the student's instructor. Always consult with them regarding the quality of a trumpet prior to purchase, if possible. Your instructors are paid professionals who will be able to recognise the quality of sound and intonation very quickly.